You can sign up for ZoomedXL's on-demand delivery service through our app or website by creating an account and providing your contact and payment information. Furthermore depending on the service your signing up for you may be redirected to our onboarding partners website to upload more documents for verification.

On-demand delivery is a service that enables customers to receive their orders from various businesses within a short timeframe. Customers place their orders through an app or website, and delivery personnel pick up the items from the business and deliver them directly to the customer. ZoomedXL also offers routed delivery for local retailers with surplus volume.

Our service can deliver a wide range of items, including food, retail products, pharmacy prescriptions, and more. You can place an order for anything that's available on our app or website.

Our delivery fees vary depending on the distance of the delivery and the type of item being delivered. We strive to keep our prices competitive while still ensuring the quality and efficiency of our service.