Cargo Insurace

Cargo Coverage: Ensuring the Safety of Your Deliveries with ZoomedXL

At ZoomedXL, we prioritize the safety and security of every delivery made through our platform. As part of our commitment to providing top-notch service, we require our drivers to maintain a minimum of $10,000 in cargo coverage. This coverage acts as a safeguard in the event of any unforeseen incidents that may occur during transportation.

To assist our drivers in meeting this requirement, ZoomedXL has partnered with A4DD.org (Association for Driver’s Delivery). A4DD.org offers comprehensive cargo coverage solutions tailored specifically for delivery drivers like you. With an affordable cost of approximately $30 per month for the coverage plus membership fees.This membership with A4DD.org ensures that you have the necessary protection for our valuable cargo.

By securing the appropriate cargo coverage, you not only meet our partnership requirements but also gain peace of mind knowing that your deliveries are safeguarded. In the unlikely event of any loss or damage, having adequate coverage can help mitigate potential financial setbacks.

Join ZoomedXL’s driver network and rest assured that you’ll be backed by the necessary cargo coverage to operate seamlessly and with confidence. Start delivering with us and experience the benefits of our partnership with A4DD.org, ensuring your cargo and your success are protected every step of the way.