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ZoomedXL Partners with Openforce for Contractor Verification

To ensure a reliable and qualified workforce, ZoomedXL has teamed up with Openforce, a trusted platform specializing in contractor verification. Openforce will verify the credentials of delivery drivers, ensuring compliance and legitimacy, which is crucial for maintaining the highest standards of service.

Requirements for Potential Contractors:

To initiate the onboarding process, potential contractors will need to gather the following documentation:

Social Security Card: A valid social security card is required for verification purposes.

Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is mandatory to confirm eligibility for driving positions.

Additional Information and Documentation:

Depending on individual circumstances, Openforce may request additional information or documentation during the onboarding process. This may include proof of insurance, vehicle registration, or other relevant details to establish compliance and readiness for ZoomedXL’s operations.

Key Locations for Onboarding:

ZoomedXL is expanding its operations in several key locations. If you are based in Lansing, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Houston, Texas; or Dallas, Texas, please apply through the appropriate link below:

Lansing, Michigan https://icm.oforce.com/Account/Activate?code=D47FF821-871A

Detroit, Michigan    https://icm.oforce.com/Account/Activate?code=C0CCDCDF-5AA2

Flint, Michigan    https://icm.oforce.com/Account/Activate?code=7A9A29F7-1D82

Grand Rapids, Michigan   https://icm.oforce.com/Account/Activate?code=B6804260-1EDE

Columbus, Ohio  https://icm.oforce.com/Account/Activate?code=398F3528-EC42

Applying through the provided links will direct you to the Openforce onboarding portal for the specific location, streamlining the process and ensuring that you are connected to the appropriate ZoomedXL operations team. Please List: Zoomed Xpedited Logistics as your service provider and Payer on Openforce platform.