Direct Deposit-Same Day Pay New

Direct Deposit and Same-Day Pay Options

If you’re a delivery driver seeking a convenient and efficient way to receive your earnings, ZoomedXL has got you covered. Our platform not only offers direct deposit for seamless transactions but also provides a range of same-day pay options, ensuring you have quick access to your hard-earned money. In this article, we will explore how ZoomedXL simplifies your earnings with direct deposit and various same-day pay alternatives.

Direct Deposit: A Swift and Reliable Payment Solution

With ZoomedXL, you can enjoy the convenience of direct deposit. This secure payment method enables your earnings to be transferred directly into your bank account. By eliminating the need for physical checks or manual cash handling, direct deposit ensures timely and hassle-free transactions. Simply provide your banking information, and your earnings will be automatically deposited into your account on the scheduled payment date. ZoomedXL has partnered with atob.com for direct deposit options.

Same-Day Pay Options: Instant Gratification for Your Efforts

ZoomedXL understands the importance of quick access to your earnings. That’s why we offer Instant Pay: Get paid instantly after completing a delivery. No need to wait for traditional pay cycles. Simply request an instant pay transfer, and your earnings will be available in your account within moments.-This option is only available on an as needed basis thru our driver delivery app. ONlY selected drivers will be enrolled, enrollment is based on performance.