Route Delivery Driver

Become a Route Delivery Driver with ZoomedXL

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be a part of a dynamic delivery network, ZoomedXL offers a rewarding position as a route delivery driver. In this article, we will explain what it means to be a route delivery driver with ZoomedXL, the responsibilities, the vehicles you can use, the compensation structure, and the convenience of the mobile app.

What is a Route Delivery Driver with ZoomedXL?

A route delivery driver with ZoomedXL is a contracted driver responsible for delivering packages on dedicated routes. As a driver, you will have the flexibility to choose a schedule that suits your availability, delivering six to seven days a week. This role allows you to provide an essential service while enjoying the benefits of being an independent contractor.

Using Your Vehicle for Deliveries:

As a route delivery driver, you will use your own vehicle for the deliveries. Whether you have a car, van, mini-van, cargo van, or SUV, you can utilize the vehicle that suits your capacity and meets the necessary requirements for transporting packages safely.

Compensation Structure:

ZoomedXL offers a competitive compensation structure for route delivery drivers. You will be paid based on the number of packages delivered, with rates starting at $2 per package. The more packages you deliver, the higher your earning potential. This performance-based system allows you to maximize your income based on your efficiency and dedication.

Mobile App Convenience:

To streamline the delivery process, ZoomedXL provides a user-friendly mobile app specifically designed for route delivery drivers. Each morning, you will use the app to scan and log the packages you’ll be delivering for the day. This technology ensures accurate tracking and efficient management of deliveries, enhancing the overall experience for both drivers and customers.

Benefits of Being a Route Delivery Driver with ZoomedXL:

Flexibility: Choose a schedule that suits your availability and enjoy the flexibility of being an independent contractor.

Competitive Compensation: Earn based on the number of packages delivered, with rates starting at $2 per package.

Control over Your Vehicle: Use your own vehicle that meets the requirements, providing you with comfort and familiarity during deliveries.

Streamlined Operations: Utilize the user-friendly mobile app for efficient package scanning and tracking, ensuring smooth operations.


As a route delivery driver with ZoomedXL, you have the opportunity to be part of a reliable and efficient delivery network. By using your own vehicle, delivering on dedicated routes, and utilizing the mobile app for seamless operations, you can enjoy the flexibility and competitive compensation that ZoomedXL offers.

Join our team and embrace the role of a route delivery driver, making a difference by providing reliable and efficient delivery services. Drive with purpose and flexibility as a valued member of the ZoomedXL network.